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Welcome! A little about me...

My name is Anne Marie Lauren, MTS. I believe in the power that Love Consciousness has to pull humanity out of our past motivated by victimization and survival patterns.


In order to do so, we must recover our histories whole, care for our present, and bravely bring to life the equitable, peaceful, and just world that currently lives within the confines of our imaginations. 

I'm so confident about both the need for this work and the success of this framework because of my own life story. As a childhood incest and illness survivor, I used a multi-modality approach of spiritual, psychological, and physical tools to heal and manage the consequences of developmental trauma. 

I'm realistic with the challenges of healing in a world still devoted to systemic abuse. I accept where we are as a world and commit to sharing my story, my approach, and the healing tools I've learned along the way to contribute to helping others heal their brains, bodies, and beings from the internalization, normalization, and justification of violence.


I envision a peaceful and prosperous world to be cared for and enjoyed by future generations and want to help make it so.

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I believe in the power of women telling their stories truthfully, holisticallyboldly.


So, I figure I should live my faith by first sharing mine, then accompany others as they reveal their own.

Anne Lauren, MTS Theological Studies



Master of Theological Studies

I studied the intersection of women's spirituality & Ignatian spirituality at the Jesuit School of Theology in

Berkeley, CA from 2009-2012.

My studies focused on Catholic history & spiritual practice, but I'm well aware of other traditions as well.

I believe that there are a number of spiritual offerings in the world and that we get to explore and use them as they help to heal us. There is no one size fits all method, but

an abundance of truths & traditions.

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Certified Reiki Practioner

I received Reiki as a healing modality and fell in love with the gentle process that gives voice to blocked energy within, while inviting the receiver to better understand how to attune to themselves. I'm certified in Level I, which allows me to give Reiki to myself and Level 2, which invites me to offer Reiki to others.

It's been an honor to connect to client's spiritual selves and guide them in how they can listen and lead from this part.

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Intersectional Feminist

Intersectional Feminism holds, educates, and advocates for the complexities of individuals who participate in systems that may or may not be structured to benefit them. As an Intersectional Feminist, I am interested in seeing people whole by taking into account their genetic histories, life stories, race, age, abilities, gender, sexual identities, etc., as well as advocating for safe interaction in the world through self-care, safe family systems, & organizations open to diversity & equity.